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Company culture

Company culture

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Corporate vision: industry leader, creation forever


Enterprise mission: to provide customers with quality products and services, to create sustainable wealth and value for the community.


The core values of the company: to benefit the customers, to increase wealth for the society, and to let the partners develop together with us through a mutually beneficial and win-win mechanism.


Entrepreneurial spirit: the sea is full of rivers and rivers.


Management philosophy: integrity-based, scientific decision-making, timely competition, performance excellence.


The concept of competition: think better than the competition and do better.


Market concept: to change and change, to change in the market, the only constant in the market is change.


Talent concept: Focus on morality and ability. Talent = character + ability.


Quality concept: strive to achieve "zero waste", "zero inventory", "zero defects", 99 + "1" = 0 concept.


Employee values: synergy with Huatian, self-realization